Monday, November 25, 2013

My Fashionista

My kids and I have been sick and stuck in the house for a week now, and we were all going a little stir crazy. I was the last one to get the horrible-cough-sorethroat-no voice bug and when I woke up this morning feeling tons better, I decided it was time for an outing. With a coupon from Starbucks in hand, I told the kids to get ready because we were going on a date. Grace excitedly skipped off to her room, and this is what she came out in:

And in case you were wondering, we did in fact leave the house looking like this. We had a great time.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our Summer

Summer pregnancies are HOT and I am so ready to be done. Rory should make his appearance soon and while I haven't been the most patient person, I'm still hanging in there although it may come with a lot of waddling and some occasional whining. 

I haven't done well at documenting our lives this summer. I guess it may have to do with always being tired and really not wanting to carry my heavy camera around. Really poor excuses, and I'm actually kind of sad about the lack of pictures. I did however document some of our daily life via Instagram, so I thought you all (if anyone still reads this) might enjoy a short recap. Actually it's more for my benefit. I just spent the last hour going through previous posts and reliving all our fun activities.

The month of June

Grace's 4th birthday

Park fun

I love being their mama

Rainy day park fun

Results of a strawberry jam making extravaganza

Gotta love 5 Guys after church

Picnic and a movie

And July

She let me do her hair

Fireworks stand through Grace's eyes

Beach day with Grandma and Papa

More and more fireworks

Celebrating the 4th on the 6th

Ready to try out Papa's new boat

What boy doesn't make their cars fight?

Enjoying camp Pinewood and our Idaho family reunion

Playing in Grandma's sprinklers

One HOT date

Yummmmm Shaved Ice

Finally August


Yep that's mascara all over his chin

Camping, walking tacos, 36 weeks pregnant

First night in his big boy bed - Thank you new Dusty sheets

Air and space museum

Owen's favorite picture

Rory wanted to play princesses too

Enjoying my last few days with two kids and getting "kids coffees" aka steamers

New clothes from Grandma Bonnie

I do it myself mommy

And there you have it: Our summer via instagram.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Once Upon a Third Pregnancy

So much has happened since my last update. Basically, third pregnancy has been kicking my butt. 

What have we been up to? Well Easter came and went, and I seriously didn't get a picture of my kiddos in their Easter best. Mom photographer fail.

We did a photo shoot with one of my best friends families. Her husband is a photographer too, so we trade services. It's a great arrangement.

We found out we were having another boy. This is how big I was at 21 weeks. I/baby have grown quite bit since this picture was taken. I think maybe an updated picture is due. :) Sorry Mr. Third Baby. I promised I wouldn't do any less for you than the other two... oops.

And now blogger has stopped letting me upload pictures for some odd reason, so this update will have to do for now.