Thursday, December 13, 2012

We Are One Step Closer

This past week we were able to send off our first payment for our adoption. Already God is providing in amazing ways, and it is so exciting I have to share.

We needed a "small" (and by small I mean small in the grand scheme of adoption, but not so small to us penny pinchers) amount to complete our official application, and pay for mandatory training classes. After finding out the only training class available in the next five months was January 5th, and to secure our spot we needed to make our first payment asap, we scraped together all the money we had been saving so far. Yesterday I went to the bank, and wouldn't ya know it, we had $16.43 over what we needed. How amazing is our God?! I am in tears right now as I think of how He provides. He knows what we need, when we need it, and I am so excited we get to play a part in His master plan.

Living an extraordinary life for God may stretch us beyond what we thought possible, but the rewards are oh so worth it. That doesn't mean we are to live comfortable lives, avoiding as much pain as possible. God wants, no longs, to give us what is best, and how can He if we refuse to follow His lead, wherever that may take us. We have only begun our adoption process and already God has done extraordinary things.

Thank you all for your prayers, support, and encouragement. It means so much to have so many family and friends stand behind us. We couldn't do it without you.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Magical Christmas Pictures

I realize it's been awhile since I've blogged. Life is crazy as usual, and I have been very busy editing pictures... other peoples pictures. It is such a blessing and an honor to have so many people want me to take their photograph. After finally deciding to start charging for my long time hobby, I had no idea I would be so busy. It truly is a blessing, but I need to find some kind of balance. Lots of taking and editing others pictures means I have less time and desire to capture my own family, not-to-mention every night after the kids go to bed, all I do is edit. I will learn. Thankfully, I have a very patient, understanding, and supportive husband.

The kids and I were able to spend over a week at my parents' house in anticipation for a friend's wedding (yes, I got to be the photographer). I wanted to practice a technique I had long been wanting to try, so of course, I solicited the help of my adorable children. Things didn't go exactly how I had envisioned them... I will show you what I mean.

First, Owen wouldn't sit still, so 98% of his pictures are blurry. This is the best I could get.

Still adorable even with a dirty face.

Then I tried Grace... Oh my.  I thought I would be artsy and drape a scarf around her to make her eyes pop, but all it did was make her look like Virgin Mary, or according to Grace, "I look like Little Red Riding Hood." And this girl has quite the knack for funny faces.

And the both of them...

Next, my mom and sister jumped in to try and help. Things didn't go much better. Grace was upset and wouldn't smile or take her blanket out of her mouth, and Owen had managed to get food all over his shirt, so I just took it off.

I did manage to get a few good ones, and one even made it onto our Christmas card. While frustrating at the time, I got some good laughs after uploading the pictures.

I will admit to bribing them with chocolate chips and getting to play with the Kindle Fire afterwards.