Saturday, September 26, 2009

Time for an update

It's fall again and that means school has started.  I love that my husband is a teacher because it means a whole summer off where I can have him pretty much all to myself.  But being a teacher also means fall is a crazy, hectic time.  So here is a little about what we've been up to:

Joe got his teaching license this summer after two years of hard work.  I am so proud of you hubby!  He is still teaching middle school history but has added a ninth grade history class, plus a ninth grade English class to his list.  Hopefully after this year he can take yet another test and be certified to teach high school history if he ever wanted to teach at a public school.  He is also reffing football which I am glad to say he is really enjoying.  It is another big time commitment, but means a little extra money and knowing he is having fun makes it a little easier to have him gone.

Grace is growing like crazy.  She rolled over from her back to her front for the first time this week, but seems to have forgotten how to roll back onto her back.  Oh well, I know she'll be able to put it all together before I know it.  Pretty soon I am going to have to say goodbye to the days when I can lay her down and run to the bathroom, or enjoy my lunch while she plays next to me.  I don't know why, but I am still amazed at how fast she grows out of her clothes.  I barely get to wash an outfit twice before I have to put it away for our next little one (God willing we have another girl). 

I have started working at the church again.  It is only a few hours a week, and I must say, so far, it is nice to get out of the house.  Grace has been able to come with me and did pretty well this past week.  I think I may need to invest in a play-mat to keep her occupied and on her back.  Anyone have on old one they want to sell me?  Anyways... I am also involved in our MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) group at church.  We had our first meeting this past Thursday and it was a lot of fun.  I can't wait for our next one.

Two weekends ago my sister and I went down to the coast to visit the family and watch my brother Joel play soccer, and my brother Jonathan in his first football game.  Joel happens to be one of the fastest guys on the team and even played an entire game after he ripped off his big toenail.  I can't imagine running after that happened, let alone trying to kick a ball.  Jonathan is playing defense and is the main kicker for his football team.  Again I have to brag... he kicked a forty-five yard field goal in practice and regularly kicks the ball into the end-zone during game kick-offs.  My brothers are both studs, what can I say.

Unfortunately, my great-grandpa Friday also passed away that weekend. He was 96 years old and very lucid even at the end. He even drove himself to the emergency room the week before he died. You will be missed Grandpa. His funeral was packed and we all enjoyed the many stories told about this great man. He was quite the story-teller himself. I hope some day someone publishes a book about all his stories.


My brother Joel with my grandma

Jonathan in his football uniform

Friday, September 4, 2009

Three Months

Grace is three months old already. I can't believe it. Only three months ago, I was still pregnant; Grace had never seen the world, ever cried or smiled, and I had no idea what she looked like, or even what to do as a mother. We've both come a long way. :)
As a three month old, Grace, you:
  • Love to smile and hear the sound of your voice. It's great to hear you wake up some mornings and greet the day.
  • Like to hear mommy sing and even sing along sometimes.
  • Can roll over from your stomach to your back, and can get half-way from your back to your stomach. Soon I'm sure you will master rolling over all the way.
  • Move all over the crib at night. I often find you 180 degrees from the position I laid you down in. And you usually turn on your right side with your hands up near your face when you fall asleep. Very cute.
  • Love to have your hands, the burp rag, your blankets, mommy's shoulder, or anything else within reaching distance, in your mouth.Add Image
  • Can already bear your weight and love to stand on any one's lap who is willing to hold you up.
  • Really like being on the changing table. It's as if you know you're about to get a clean diaper (except at night. At night you want to eat and go back to sleep, and that's all).
  • Love to be outside. We try and go on walks almost every evening. I will be sad when the weather turns and it gets too dark outside to so this.
  • Smile and coo at Mommy and Daddy. You especially like it when Daddy makes noises and blows raspberries for you. It is so cute to see you try and imitate him.
I cannot believe how much you have grown already and I love being able to spend everyday with you as you make new discoveries in this big world.