Friday, April 10, 2009

Man has this last month gone by fast... and I'm glad too. That means only seven more weeks till my wonderful baby girl is due to come out and see what the world looks like. So far I have had a great pregnancy. Not perfect mind you, but good non-the-less. Some of my favorite things:

  • I love feeling Grace move and kick inside me

  • My nails are long and beautiful (Although instead of also growing long beautiful hair like most pregnant ladies do, mine decided to start falling out. But don't worry, it has stopped falling out and now I have all these little fly-aways, oh and more gray.)

  • There is a little piece of Joe and a little piece of me growing in my belly

  • I get to buy and receive really cute baby girl clothes

  • I kind of like all the attention I get :)

  • People seem to be nicer to you and complete strangers will stop to give me advice (which I guess can be helpful and kind of annoying)

  • I can eat that extra cookie and when the scale says I have gained a little weight, I can blame it on the baby

  • My husband has been so helpful and understanding through all the ups and downs of pregnancy and that he still tells me how beautiful I look

  • When Joe puts his hands on my belly to feel the baby kicking

  • I finally get to do what I've always wanted to do... be a mom