Monday, July 30, 2012

Addition Update

We have officially moved into our new master bedroom. Which means I am way overdue for some updated pictures. However, we had a bit of a carpet debacle, and are waiting for our carpet to be replaced. That's right, our carpet that is only two weeks old needs replacing. Here is my summery of a long story... We were so excited to finally have carpet only to be called the day of installation saying there was a manufacturing defect, and they would need to re-order. Not okay. So we had them install the defective carpet while we wait for the new carpet to arrive. We are still waiting on our new carpet. Lowe's was great about the whole thing and offered to include furniture moving in our next instillation so we could actually use the room while we waited. They also stepped up to the plate when the carpet manufacturer refused to compensate us for the time lost and gave us a 10% refund.

But while we wait, I can tell you about how I let our kids draw on the floor; with makers. I thought it would be fun to have a sort of time capsule thing on the sub-floor of our bedroom, so I gave the kids markers (definitely the washable kind) and let them at it.

Grace was a little artist. I wrote out a verse (Joshua 24:15 - As for me and my house we will serve the LORD) and traced everyone's hand. Owen ate the markers.

I thought it would be awhile before we ever saw our artwork again, but it looks like it will be sometime this week.

On a completely unrelated note, I wanted to share a picture of Grace I snapped the same day as our artwork time capsule for no other reason then I think she looks absolutely beautiful in it.  She's my mini model.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

List Progress - Front Porch

Awhile back I mentioned a list of things I wanted to get done in the near future. Well, one has been completed (Woo Hoo!!!), and I thought I would let you all see the results.

First some before pictures:

Our ugly little light fixture

After a little paint, a new light fixture, and a few decorating details, the porch looks so much more inviting. We still want to paint the concrete with a concrete stain, but it takes 24 hours to dry and we decided to wait till our addition is finished so we have an easier way in and out of our house.

A few of the details:

And because everything looks better with a cute little boy in it:

4th of July

The Mogford clan really rocked the 4th this year. We lit off a couple boxes of sparklers and stomped on a box of Fun Snaps. We were all in bed and asleep by 10 pm.

The End

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Is It Really July Already?

I cannot believe it is July already. The Mogford clan has been extremely busy and I seriously feel like June didn't even exist. Between trying to finish our remodel and visiting with friends I have had little time to blog. Since I have also had little time to mow our lawn, clean our bedroom or organize the zillion things I want to clean in order to move into our new room (still waiting on carpet so the move couldn't happen anyways), I will quickly sum up what we've been up to via pictures.

Remodel sneak peek. Can't wait till it's all done.

Eating homemade ice cream

Owen enjoying his ice cream after a yummy meal of spaghetti.

Playing Playdough after nap

"There's so many them!"

A crib full of balloons on Grace's birthday. Owen wasn't too sure about this adventure.

Don't you just love Owen's smile?

My handsome man and beautiful girl.