Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Is It Really July Already?

I cannot believe it is July already. The Mogford clan has been extremely busy and I seriously feel like June didn't even exist. Between trying to finish our remodel and visiting with friends I have had little time to blog. Since I have also had little time to mow our lawn, clean our bedroom or organize the zillion things I want to clean in order to move into our new room (still waiting on carpet so the move couldn't happen anyways), I will quickly sum up what we've been up to via pictures.

Remodel sneak peek. Can't wait till it's all done.

Eating homemade ice cream

Owen enjoying his ice cream after a yummy meal of spaghetti.

Playing Playdough after nap

"There's so many them!"

A crib full of balloons on Grace's birthday. Owen wasn't too sure about this adventure.

Don't you just love Owen's smile?

My handsome man and beautiful girl.

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