Thursday, January 15, 2009

For those who haven't yet heard, we are having a little girl! (Or at least the ultrasound tech was "85-90% sure its a girl, I just don't see a little pointy thing") So unless our precious little one is hiding a "pointy thing" we are overjoyed to be getting ready for baby Grace.
The picture is one from early December (I have a newer one still sitting on my camera back at home)
The strangest things happen when you're pregnant. Like yesturday... All day I felt like my insides were stretching. There really is no other way to describe the feeling. It was uncomfortable and made me extreemly tired. When I woke up today not only did I feel I looked bigger, but I descovered that my belly-botton is no longer an innie but more of shallow indent on my stomach. Weird I tell you :)


Joe, Jess, and Joy said...

Yah for little girls! I am so excited for you guys. Girls are great...even if they are all drama at times :)
We look forward to keeping up with your growing family.
Also, are you and Joe avalible any time in Feb. for dinner? Joe and I would love to have ya over.

The Officer's said...

Love the belly!

Cassie Idler Photography said...

So Happy for you guys! Can't wait to meet baby Grace!