Thursday, February 12, 2009

What would I do with a million?...

Recently Joe and I were talking about baseball actually and a recent Yankee who signed something like a three year contract for SEVERAL million dollars. I don't remember the exact number but this player would earn more in his bonus than I will ever hope to see in a lifetime. It got us thinking and talking about what we would do with even just a million dollars. First we would pay off our student loans and buy a house somewhere with little bit of land and big enough for our family to grow into (nothing super fancy mind you), then I would pay off my sisters student loans and buy her a car (again a used one, but something she would like still) and while I'm at it, I'll buy myself a nice car too. Maybe a suburu or toyota, something that would fit a growing family, but I'm not ready to dive into the whole van thing just yet. Then how fun would it be to take both our families on a nice vacation. I'm thinking the cook islands for the Mogfords and maybe New Zealand or Tailand for the Everest's. Then Joe and I are going to go somewhere romantic just the two of us. And I would love to take my parents to Israel. If I'm figuring right we still have about 1/2 million left. Then of course I would spend some money decorating my house... well because I could and I love decorating. Then Joe suggested we secretly pay off some of our pastors mortgages. Wouldn't that be a fun surprise to find out you owe $30,000 less on your house than you thought you did? Then we would give some to different missionaries other charities. With what is left over we would invest for kids colleges and other opportunities to bless others.

Now I've never wanted to be rich, but isn't it fun to think of what you would do with a million dollars? I think so.

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