Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baby #2

I figure it's about time to post some pictures of our second child.  Mostly because my blog is a great way for me to look back and see the past happenings of my life. Well, that and I think it's only fair for my second child to also have a record of his/her prenatal growth right? Though I guess it completely depends on whether our new little one is a boy or girl as to whether they will care. If we are having a boy, it won't matter one little bit. But since I don't know yet....
This pregnancy has gone a lot faster than my first but I think that might have something to do with keeping an eye on a 16 month old. Just as with Grace, I am almost 15 weeks and finally starting to feel better. Fifteen weeks also means in a little over a month until we get to find out the sex. I thought about keeping the sex a secret for, oh, about 1.5 seconds. But I know myself too well. I don't want to wait. I can be surprised at the birth of our child, or I can be surprised at 20 weeks and have 20 more weeks to get more accurately prepared.
I have also already felt the little one (at around 12 weeks), which is exciting.  Still only little flutters, but considering how small he/she is, pretty amazing. We have also been having a harder time coming up with names we like this time. Our "list" is a small one, but since we still have over half the pregnancy, I'm not worried.

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Jessica said...

Do you guys have a hope as to the sex of the baby or "as long as it is healthy..." :) It is definitely a bit harder being pregnant the second time around because you still have to chase the older child and take care of them. No laying around all day. The good news is that there is not as much baby weight. Hope all is well in your journey with number two.