Thursday, April 7, 2011

Owen's First Week Home

This past week and a half has both flown by and seemed like an eternity at the same time. My little man has completely captured my heart, and I can now say with confidence that you really do love the second one just as much as your first.

Owen is doing great. He pretty much eats, sleeps and poops. Ya know, typical baby stuff. He has already surpassed his birth weight and my "little" man has grown an inch and a half since birth. Grace loves being a big sister, most of the time. She is completely taken with her brother, whom she calls Oey, however, she seems a little mad at me for sharing my attention. I've been told it just takes time for her to adjust and before I know it she won't even remember what it was like before Owen, but I miss my sweet Grace. I am admittedly a bit nervous for Joe to go back to work next week. Grace chooses feeding times to act out the most. I have a feeling a lot of prayer and patience will get me through the next couple of weeks.

And now for some pictures, because I know that is what most people who read this blog care about anyways.

He didn't like his first bath at home very much.

Didn't think I could love two human beings as much as I love these two.

See Grandma, he does have eyes.

Grace was being nice and tried to share her peanut butter with Oey. We had a little talk about how sharing is good, but Owen only needs milk right now.
Proud big sister


Joshua and Mallory said...

OH MY WORD HE IS SO ADORABLE! Have I mentioned that I cannot wait to meet him? Because I can't. I'm going crazy. He is going to be graduated before I ever get the chance to see him. Dramatic much? :) Glad you are enjoying being a mommy to two!

lyndsey said...


jkvanstelt said...

Ashley, LOVE your blog. so glad I can keep up with you guys through it.
I totally get the feeding/acting out thing. Someone told me that a special toy during feeding can help a lot. Maybe one of those spill-proof bubble deals would work for her. And once things settle down (ie, Owen nurses without too much help:-)), it can be a good reading together time. Hope you are enjoying things, and that you have a good week!!