Sunday, May 8, 2011

One Month

My baby boy turned one month old, well, almost two weeks ago. This past week was hard. He was cranky, I was cranky, Grace was cranky, and poor Joe had to come home from work and we made him cranky.
I had been battling Thrush for over three weeks now and was getting pretty discouraged. For all those who don't know what Thrush is, I will just say it is very painful. After trying multiple prescriptions I finally went on a diet if no carbs or sugar and tried a recommended topical antiseptic called Gentian Violet (which happens to stain everything it touches a bright purple, so my son looked like he had eaten blueberries for a week). I think I finally have it on the run and can now concentrate on healing. So all that to explain the delay when I know all I needed to say was, "I have a newborn."

Owen is now smiling at me and it melts my heart.
His sister absolutely adores him and loves giving him kisses. She is a great helper and whenever I need something she runs to get it saying, "Help, help." So cute.
He has slept seven hours straight twice and is consistently going five hours every night before waking up for a feeding. This tired mama is so thankful he is such a good sleeper. I also think God gave me a gift of those two nights of seven hours sleep, as those were the hardest and most painful days so far.
He pees and poops and cries, and does all the normal newborn stuff, like hit himself in the face with his flailing arms and fart more than you think should be possible for a human being.

I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family and have learned this week that God's grace really is sufficient, though it doesn't necessarily take away the pain.

Some outtakes from his first month photoshoot:


Shelby said...

Can't believe he's over a month old already! We need to get down there! Thanks for posting the adorable pictures. He is such a cutie. Sounds like you've been hurting pretty bad. SO glad that it's on it's way out! You are tough Ash. Keep it up SUPER MAMA!

abertolini said...

Praying extra for you now, Ash...I remember that first month being so hard (with just one kid), so I think you're awesome! And I totally think it's okay to enjoy some stages more than others! You have a beautiful family...and all of us get cranky sometimes, so don't feel alone! Pretty soon he'll be sleeping through the night every night and you'll be feeling human again-oh, and if we ever get any sunshine, I'm sure that will help all of our attitudes, too! :-) Glad to hear Grace is doing so well with him!

Donn said...

He sure looks huggable, with that sweet little least it looks like one to me.

Anonymous said...

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