Wednesday, June 15, 2011

She's Two

I've been meaning to post this for awhile, but I haven't really stopped since Grace's birthday. We just finished our forth bbq in as many days, Joe finished school for the summer, and we will soon start our whirlwind summer. But that's for future posts.

We headed to the zoo on Saturday... along with the entire city of Portland. I had been planning this trip for about a month but it also happened to be the first really nice day in a LONG time, so about 50,000 other people thought taking their kids to the zoo would be a good idea too. Despite the crowds and the heat, we had a great time. Grace's favorite animals were the elephants and she was mesmerized by getting to watch the bats eat. Owen slept most of the time.

My apologies for this random woman's choice of attire, but with the bear right up to the glass, this is an otherwise great shot.

We then headed home and picked up some pizzas (and the house) and had a little party with the Horton's, Ea (Andrea), Joel, and Luke and Shelby Todd. Grace requested a Boots cake (as in Dora and Boots). Here is what I whipped up. And yes I did make and decorate the cake myself, although I didn't exactly just "whip" it up.

Grace calls it her "poop cake". She tries to say Boots and it come out sounding like poop. So cute and really funny. I may ask her to say it all the time.


Princess Jessie Pants said...

Oh my goodness your cake is ADORABLE!!! How did you do that??? You'll have to give me lessons. Sooo fun!


Anonymous said...

I want you totally naked so I can just look at your lovely little toddler body, then I put my finger in your lovely warm tight p-ssy and get you all giggly, I work your p=ssy good and you start to kick and squeal, I spread your legs and suck on your p-ssy until you baby orgasm. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE ONE YOUR PU==Y IS MINE NOW!!!!