Friday, December 16, 2011

7 & 8 Months

I'm a bit behind on the monthly updates; which, I figure, is totally fine since in blogging land, monthly updates about your kids are not as interesting as other topics.

Owen's 7 Month Picture (isn't he cute?) -

Not sure how much he weighs since it had been a month since his check-up, but I'll just say:
Really Heavy

  • Got his first tooth around November 3rd, and his second one came through on 11-11-11.
  • Got his first haircut
  • Is busy following his sister all over the house
  • Still working on sleeping through the night. He's a lot better then a month ago, but things like teething and colds keep things interesting.

8 Months -

Still not sure how much he weighs, but it's even more... I'm fairly certain he only has a few pounds to go to catch up with his sister.

  • His favorite toys are the broom and a styrofoam sword. We play "cut-cut" with the sword: A game where he cuts mommy or daddy and we pretend to die. He thinks it's hilarious and I'll do just about anything to hear his laugh.
  • He would not sit still for this picture, but he doesn't really sit still for anything. I gave him Christmas lights thinking that would help. It didn't. But I'm a pretty gifted photographer, so I snapped this bad-boy and called it good. ;)
  • He loves his blanky.
  • He chews with his hands. This one is hard to explain. You really can't get the full effect unless you see it. But in an attempt to explain: He squeezes his little fists, which actually look like the sign for milk, for those of you who know some sign language, as if doing this will make the food go down faster. Trust me on this, it's cute.

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