Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Pox

This past week has been a rough one. To sum it all up, my baby has chicken pox. Poor little guy didn't know what to do with himself for a couple of days. He would look at me as if saying, "Mama, fix it." And I couldn't. It broke my heart.
He is doing much better, but we are still stuck at home until all his blisters scab over. I think Grace is having the hardest time with that. Grandma and Papa bought her a bike for her birthday and she has wanted to take it the park so badly.

His poor feet definitely got the worst of it. They looked even worse then this the day after I took this picture. I don't know how he has even been walking.


Anonymous said...

this looks more like hand foot and mouth disease

Ashley said...

We actually suspected it was hand foot and mouth at first, and I guess it still could be, but the rash was covering his entire body and the blisters were bigger than is typical in hf&m. We also took him to the doctor, who asked the opinion of a colleague and the diagnosis was chicken pox. Either way, there is really nothing to be done, but wait for the virus to run its course.