Friday, June 1, 2012

A Rapunzel Birthday

Grace has been asking for a Rapunzel cake since Owen's birthday two months ago. She is in love with the movie Tangled, and to be honest, I don't mind watching this one over and over. Well done on this one, Disney. I thought a Rapunzel-themed party would be fun, so I got some great ideas off Pinterest and adjusted them to fit my budget and taste.

This year I opted out of making a cake and ordered a plain one from Costco. (Note to self: NEVER go to Costco on the first day of the month. EVER!) I wish I would have picked it up the day before, as my "quick" trip to Costco wasn't quick at all. I added a few toys bought from Amazon and just a bit of extra frosting.

And what Rapunzel party would be complete without frying pan plates?

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the cake, and Grace told me after the party her favorite part was blowing out the candles. Silly kid.

 I also got to use my Silhouette and make this banner.

Grace enjoyed opening her presents, and I must say, she makes us look like great parents. She is so thankful and expressive for each gift she opens. It is more fun to watch her open presents than to get presents myself.

The party favors were also a hit, although I don't think many of the bubbles made it home. The bags contain locks of hair, which are actually pineapple licorice I found in the bulk bins at WinCo.

Grace had a blast. Thank you everyone who came, and thank you times a million to my amazing mother-in-law who helped me clean house and watch the kids while I ran errands. I think I may have a had break-down today if it hadn't been for you, Sue.

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