Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Best Things Come to Those Who Wait

As of today I have a week to go till my due date. Really I shouldn't expect anything to have happened yet right? I've been told that most first time mothers are a week late. However everyone I know who was pregnant the same time as me, had their baby early. I guess I do have to mention that several of the early ones also had premies. I want my baby to be healthy and ready, but doesn't the mom get a say in when she's ready? I have had to carry her for over nine months now and is it so wrong to want to see my babies face, oh and be able to turn over in bed without feeling like a beached whale? The hardest part is on the days I'm sure, this is it. I get my hopes up, then nothing. Like last night. I could not get comfortable. Every position made my back ache, legs cramp, hips fall asleep, have to pee... poor Joe. Although, on a side note, I was awake to witness him jolt half way across the bed, hitting me with his elbow on the way, because he was trying to get away from a yellow-jacket. :) But I really thought last night was it. I even had the "cramps" to prove it. But when I woke up this morning, it wasn't to be. I was just tired and uncomfortable. Then to make matters worse, one of my good friends, who, I might add, has the same due date as me, is timing her contractions as I write this. I really am happy for her, but is it wrong to wish that was me instead? I know my time will come, and looking back I will say it was all worth it. I know it's all worth it; for the moment I first lay eyes on my child, or watch my husband hold our little one for the first time. Those are things I have to stay focused on and try not to get too ahead of myself. After all, the best things come to those who wait.

One good thing about waiting... I finished the nursery. Here are some pictures to prove it.

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