Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Five Generations

While at my parents house we were able to visit my great grandparents. My Grandpa Friday is 96 and still quite the spit-fire. He has lived in Langlios most of his life and even came over to Oregon in a covered wagon when he was a little boy. He has some crazy stories which I love listening to. I loved growing up in a small town surrounded by family. My great-grandparents, grandparents (all on my dad's side), and of course my parents all live in the same tiny town on the coast where I grew up. Cousins and second cousins, aunts and uncles and everyone in between mostly live in near-by towns. Family is so important and I think, now more than ever, I really appreciate living so close to so many relatives. It can make for some crazy times and everyone knows you don't always get along with each other, but at the end of the day, blood is always thicker than water.The five generation picture- Great-Great-Grandpa Friday, Great-Grandma Barbara, Grandpa Wayne, Mom Ashley and Baby Grace.

Great-Great-Grandpa Friday with a very happy Grace

Great-Great-Grandma Kathy and Grace

And Great-Grandma Bobby and Grace

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