Sunday, October 11, 2009


Every Fall Joe and I celebrate our birthday's just days apart.  This year I made Joe a Seahawks helmet cake, and it turned out pretty well.  See for yourself:

I can't wait for Grace's first birthday... what fun I will have with that cake. :)

We also celebrated by getting my sister to watch Grace and going to a movie.  The movie:  Surrogates.   Joe is in a discipleship group on Thursday night's, so we went in the afternoon and basically had the theater all to ourselves.  I didn't have high expections (there are only so many movies playing at 4:30 on a Thursday), but it wasn't bad.  Don't get me wrong, it was no blockbuster hit, but it was entertaining. 
It has also become a tradtion to go to Red Robin with the Hortons for our free birthday burgers. Lexy's birthday is a day before mine. I know, you're only supposed to use one coupon per table, but they always let us use all of them, and this time we splurged and got garlic fries (an extra 40 cents) and a pop (we're big spenders I know). 
For my birthday, we invited my sister and her boyfriend over and Joe made me Pad Thai, from scratch I might add.  And it was DELICIOUS!  Who knew my husband was so talented in the kitchen? 

Here are a few pictures from Red Robin:

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Luke said...

wow, Red Robin sounds really good. Grace is looking good.