Monday, October 19, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch

We had planned on visiting Baughman Farms this weekend, but Joe wasn't feeling well so we post-poned our trip to today. I have heard a lot about the Baughman Farms and was excited to check it out.  However, I wouldn't recomend going on a weekday (especially an hour from closing time).  Although there was barely anyone there and the light of the setting sun made for some great pictures, nothing was open and part of the fun is lot's of people.  I think next year, when Grace actually cares what we are doing, we will try a weekend trip.  It may be more expensive, but I think the price will be worth it.  Who knows, we may even try a different one next year; one with a corn maze :)

Actually they grow at the Mogford house.

That's one scary spider.

Grace's face in this one cracks me up!

Picking out a pumkin... I think I'll take the one that's smiling.


Mallory said...

Definitely go back on a weekend! We too went an hour before closing and wish we had gone when we had more time. By the way the apple cider donuts are wonderful! You got some great family photos though!!

Kari said...

great pics, ashley! see you tonight at small group. :)

Shelby said...

Thanks for sharing Ash, those are some great pics. You guys look so HAPPY! Your daughter is quite the smiley one! I would pick her over the other pumpkins too!!!

Casey said...

Ohmygosh AShley! Those photos were soooooo cute! I absolutely love the one of you and Grace in the orchard, her face is priceless. I also love your plaid shirt, a lot, I might steal it. I hear ramming a car into your house is an easy way to steal stuff...

Matthew said...'re such a cute mommy! I love reading your blog and seeing your sweet and beautiful family! :) Happy Harvest and thanks for posting pictures of the cranberry bogs...I've always wanted to see that after you have talked about it. I'm glad to finally understand it a little better. Love you, friend!
~Ashley Mehringer