Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It has been almost a year since a group of of my closest friends and I went to Hawaii.  With the rain and cold we had today... I wish I was back there.  I was looking through all our pictures and stumbled across this one.  I can't explain exactly why, but I love it.  Hope you do too.


Jayde said...

Nice shot, it's very interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

Domestically Sassy said...

Great beach shot...if only I could jump into it. ;)

Shelby said...

Hey Ash, what a great memory!!! That really was an amazing time. Really wish I could see all of you right now...in Hawaii would be nice, but it would be amazing to see your faces ANYWHERE! :)

You are quite the blooming photographer! How did you make mine and Anderea's freckles stand out so much, that looks neat. You have a great artistic eye. I try, but am not as abstract in picture taking as I would like to be...I guess you probably either have it or you don't. Oh well, I still take lots of pictures none the less!

Give kisses to your beautiful daughter for me! I LOVE the shot you took of her with the bubbles (by the way)!Amazing!

Miss you so much! Thanks for sparking a little trip down memory lane.

Love you,