Friday, May 14, 2010

It's going to be beautiful with You.

Why is it that this time of year seems to breed chaos in my life?  Maybe it's the sunshine after the long winter rains that makes me want to accomplish every little project I've been thinking about while shut up in the house? Or maybe it's my task oriented nature? Whatever the reason, May and June seem to bring a flurry of activity. What I really crave during all this chaos is a quiet moment. Today a moment came via a friend's blog post about a song and a little girl from Brazil with advances AIDS. The song went something like this,“Dear Lord Jesus, I am so happy. I love you. I’m going to live with You. You love me. Lord Jesus, I am coming. It’s going to be beautiful to be with You.” 
Even now it brings a tear to my eyes.  So simple... so beautiful.

It made me stop.  And think.  And that is exactly what I needed.

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The Franz's said...

Thanks for making me cry in a good way..! That little girl's got it better figured out than most of us.