Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Look Who's Turning 1

Tomorrow is Grace's first birthday, but we celebrated it a little early.  Joe's parents and grandma came over from Idaho to celebrate with us, and we were also joined by the Horton clan. Not to leave my side of the family out, we will be having a joint celebration for Grace and my brother Joel who is graduating from high school this coming weekend. 
As is tradition in my family, for your first birthday you get a cake all to yourself. I decided to make a mama owl and her baby.  Four or five hours later, here is the result:
I thought Grace would dive right in, but instead she cautiously poked each eye, then tasted the ears and so on.  She did end up demolishing the whole thing, but I think she ate very little. 
"I'm done Mom!"

Then it was time for presents...
Happy Birthday Grace.


Joshua and Mallory said...

Happy 1st birthday Grace!! You are a big girl now :) You are one lucky gal, your mama made some amazing cakes!

Anonymous said...

yes grace big girl now time for me to sample your pu==y soon