Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Days

The Mogford clan has been having enjoying the beautiful sunshine that finally decided to show its face. It is great having Joe home for the summer. We have taken advantage of both in the last few weeks and have started a huge project of re-making our backyard. This includes building about 100 ft of fence that we have been planning on building since we bought the house. We are still far from being done, but have made great progress. Here is some proof:

We have also been busy playing and going to the park whenever we need a break.

And I love having a one year old. It is so much fun. This is the age that is making me want to have another one.
For the grandmas, my own records and anyone else who cares, Grace has also:
  • Learned to walk. I still swell with pride when I see her toddle and wobble her way across the living room.
  • Has gotten better at communicating what she wants. 
  • Loves being outside. She even says outside. Often after getting her out of bed in the morning, she will point to the front door and say outside. I can usually distract her from this idea by offering her a banana.
  • LOVES bananas. She eats one every morning for breakfast and would eat one for lunch and dinner too if we would let her.
  • Finally signed please two days in a row. I am hoping this is a trend that stays.
  • Has transitioned to drinking cow's milk. She never would take a bottle and didn't like sippy cups. I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to stop breastfeeding as she also hated formula, but once she was a year old and the doctor gave us the green light, I decided to try cow's milk through a straw and voila. No problem at all. 

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Princess Jessie Pants said...

She is so cute Ashley!! Eloise would also eat bananas non-stop if I'd let her - so cute. I think it's funny that you said her age makes you want to have another one - I dreamt last night that you DID have another one. You had a girl & named her Fee. :) I went to visit you in the hospital, but you'd gone home after only 4 hours. Hee hee.