Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dreams of a Perfect Christmas Tree

I have again come to the realization that life is never as you expect, and so much of how much you enjoy life depends on your attitude. I had envisioned today to look something like this: After church, we would enjoy some relaxation while Grace took a nap. Then, as a family, we would head out to pick out the perfect tree. Once located, the perfect tree would come home, where Grace would "help" me decorate as we all enjoyed hot chocolate or maybe some chocolate milk. All the while, Christmas music would be quietly playing in the background.
However, it looked much more like this: After church, Grace went down for her nap and the Seahawks game came on (now mind you, I enjoy watching football on tv with my husband). The game, however, lasted till 4:00, which meant daylight was fading fast. Grace also woke up from her nap a little grouchy, and I was so intent on finishing a hat I was making for her so she could wear it during our tree outing with the hopes of getting a Christmas card picture, that I failed to notice this important detail. Nonetheless, we jumped in the car and headed to the Christmas tree farm. Upon arrival, we were met with a closed sign even though we should have had 20 minutes till closing time. The owners told us to go ahead but to make it fast. In the dwindling light, all my pictures were blurry because I hate the flash on my camera. But it didn't matter, because in just about every shot, Grace is crying, trying to get me to pick her up. Joe had also suggested that I go grocery shopping while he took the tree and Grace home since we had NO food in the house. Grocery shopping is one of my least favorite activities, but I knew he was right. So instead of heading home to hot chocolate and decorating, I headed to a crowded WinCo. I ended up decorating the tree by myself after all the groceries were put away and Grace was in bed, while Joe finally got to the work he brought home this weekend.

Despite all this, I think I will look back on today and smile. It is comical if you stop to think about it. Just about everything I had hoped for didn't happen. In the end though, I had a very relaxing night decorating without any interruptions or helping little hands, and yes Christmas music is playing in the background.
So maybe a little attitude adjustment was needed. Maybe I need a little reminder about what this season is truly about. Maybe I learned a valuable lesson again today: Being able to laugh at life is a irreplaceable gift.


abertolini said...

Ashley, I think this is probably the plight of all moms! I was so glad to know I wasn't alone in my idealism (or my hatred of grocery shopping!)! And your room looks so beautiful, at first I thought it was a magazine picture that you were including to show what you wanted! Also, I did note, that though the smile wasn't there, Grace is dressed very cutely!

lyndsey said...

This sounds like the story of my life -- except without the children part, just the expectations that don't always get met part. Thanks for the post reminding me it's all about our attitudes. Your house looks lovely!

The Steeds said...

Love your post, Ash! :) Why is it that we have these expectations that are so high? I certainly relate to this even though I don't have kids. I love the picture of Joe and Grace. Perfection. I think it captures the entire spirit of your post. I remember my mom telling me of times like that in our family. Or looking back at pictures where I wouldn't cooperate just to get on her nerves. Wow, what a jerk. ha! All in all you have a BEAUTIFULY decorated tree and living room and the cutest little family ever. You are loved! And PS, did you actually make Grace's hat?? If so simply amazing and you need to teach me how to do that!