Monday, December 13, 2010

Quite the Sunday for the Mogfords - as per Joe

-Status updates-
1am- Ashley wakes up with sharp pains in her stomach and lower back
2am - pain getting worse
3am - to the ER
4am - ...waiting and wondering
5am - Andrea picks up Grace from the hospital... waiting and wondering
6am - making calls to get nursery covered (for Ash) and for someone to lead worship (for Joe) at church... waiting and wondering
7am - ultrasound shows "something;" we move from triage (uncomfortable) to a delivery room (much better)... waiting and wondering
8am - "something" is an ovarian cyst causing ovarian torsion (ouchie twisting) - need surgery
9am - Pam visits...waiting
10am - ...waiting
11am - Brad and Andrea bring Grace to visit...waiting
12pm - ...waiting
1pm - Second opinion agrees with first opinion - need surgery (cut open and dig surgery)
2pm - Jason and Pastor Kevin visit, prepping for surgery
3pm - Ashley is in surgery; I am waiting with Jason, trying to be distracted by Seahawks game (would have been nice if they had at least tried to make it interesting)
4pm - Ashley is in pain but awake, baby Owen is safe, surgery was successful (doc even saved the ovary)
5pm - back in delivery room trying to manage pain
6pm - ...pain management
7pm - Pam and Lexy visit ...pain management
8pm - Ashley's pain is manageable with meds and I pass out on the little window seat bed
-status unavailable-
7am - I wake to find Ashley hasn't needed pain meds for a few hours and is getting antsy to start moving around

#1 - God is good - he preserved my wife and my unborn child.
#2 - I love my wife - she's one tough cookie.
#3 - We have a great family and a great church. Thank you so much for your support and prayers.
#4 - Apparently, Grace is adorable - 97 people offered to take care of her.
#5 - God has great timing - according to our nurses, the doctor we had is they best they have ever seen at dealing with the problem we had; most don't even try to save the ovary.


The Finch's said...

Glad that Ashley is okay and that you have family nearby to help out with the care of Grace. Glad that your sis was able to come by to help Ashley out! Thanks to be God for healing, giving the surgeons the right diagnosis, for their steady hands during surgery and keeping Ashley and Owen safe.

Jay and Jami said...

I just cried as I read all of this. God is good! Praise the Lord Ashley and Owen are both okay!

Ashley said...

Oh Ash...what a huge trial the Lord so kindly walked you through! I'm so thankful you're alright and sweet little Owen is safe and growing. Thanks for posting your story. I wish I was there just to bring you dinner and do whatever you need. I'm praying for all 4 of you!

Anonymous said...

Thank God you are a
ALL ok! I teared up when I read this. We love you guys and thank God that everyone is feeling better.

~Brandy Buell

lyndsey said...

Glad to know everyone is ok!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Who'd of thought when we all practiced for Sunday WT on Wednesday night all that would happen and that there would be a whole different team on the stage yesterday. God is so good to protect. We are so glad you all are okay.

Sandy E.

The Franzs' said...

Ashley!! So glad you and Owen are ok! How scary--hope you are feeling better and better and are getting some rest. Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh and God's goodness...Bonnie do you and Wayne have an Owen....ahhhh so happy for your family...congrates Ashley for your son...<3

abertolini said...

Praise the Lord! Thanks for sharing your praise. So glad for His provision!

Peach said...

ashely, happy to hear you and the baby are doing well!