Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Snow


This last week, Salem has experienced some crazy weather. Sunday, we woke up to snow. It snowed again on Monday, then proceeded to rain for the next three days. On Thursday, we woke up to major flooding. Most of Turner was underwater, and I saw some pretty amazing pictures of the parts of Salem surrounding Mill Creek (although I didn't venture out to see for myself). 

Motivated by some unfortunate flooding in a friends basement, we decided to check our crawl space. When we moved into the house, there as a sump pump that didn't work. We purchased a new one intending to install it that first summer, which, of course, never happened. I kind of wondered why the pump was even there in the first place. Well, I now know.

Good news: we had a brand new sump pump in the garage. Bad news: the water in the crawl space was too high to install it. Since Joe and I are both rather clever and resourceful, we came up with a solution involving a garden hose and Gorilla Tape. Worked like a charm. We saved our forced air ducts and our garage from the impending doom. 

Quite the week of weather. Now I think it's time for a warm, sunny spell.

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