Sunday, January 8, 2012

Possibly My Favorite Time of Day

One of my friends is doing something called Project 52; which, in a nutshell, means, she is posting a picture a week on her blog for an entire year. I thought it was such a cool idea I decided to join her in her endeavor. I have contemplated trying to take a picture a day for a month before (a year would be nice, but I am somewhat of a realist), but thought it would be easier to do a picture a week. Then if I miss I day, no biggie. Here is week one:

I think breakfast time may be my favorite time of the day. Grace, Owen, and I all sit down together and eat our chosen entree. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we sing, sometimes we act silly, and sometimes we do all three. I love starting the day like this. I am so thankful staying home with my kids makes moments like these possible.

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