Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ten Years Part 1

Sometimes time passes faster then we ever imagined. Case in point: I attended my 10 year high school reunion. I know some people dread their high school reunions, but I actually had a great time. Great conversation over amazing steak and great wine was a perfect combo.

I would say it is sad only three people showed up (out of thirty mind you), but it wasn't sad at all. These two girls were my great friends in high school and it was fun to hear what has been happening in their lives.

Returning to my old stomping grounds meant a trip to Grandma and Papa's house. I love how much my kids adore my parents. I also love that my parents get up with the kids in the morning and let Joe and I sleep in.

It is so refreshing to return home. I spent my entire life in the same house, on a large farm near the ocean. I loved it. But who wouldn't love this?

This next week we are traveling to see Joe's parents and attend his high school reunion. Grace is super excited to see Grandma Sue and Papa Donn, and play with the tea set in the living room.

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