Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Idaho: Family and Ten Year Reunion Part II

As mentioned before, Joe and I are getting and have been out of high school ten years now. So a couple of weeks ago we braved the desert heat for a 9+ hour drive to Meridian Idaho. Grace oddly dubbed the rocky terrain, "Thunderland."  We spent a week with Joe's parents and attended his high school reunion. This time, more than three people showed up, and even this spouse had fun. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the reunion. I did, however, get some pictures of the kids during the week's stay at Grandma Sue and Papa Donn's. As you will see by the pictures, it was a bit hotter than we were used to, so most of our days included some sort of water activity.

Here is a glimpse of our week:

Grandma and Papa turned on the sprinklers in their yard, and the kids had a blast.

Look at the sheer joy on that boy's face. Who knew putting your head on a sprinkler could be so much fun?

Daddy had some work done on his guitar, so we got a free concert to try out the improvements.

Snuggles with Grandma

Again in the water. This time at a great park practically across the street from Donn and Sue's house. I would love to take the kids here when it isn't 100 degrees out so I could enjoy myself while they play.
And of course we drank plenty of water to keep ourselves hydrated.

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