Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Date with Grace

This past Thursday I decided to celebrate one of the last days it would just be Grace and I at home. So I told her we would do what she wanted (within reason of course) and just enjoy mama and Grace being together. Here is a little peek into our day:

We woke up and had pancakes, with chocolate and peanut butter, of course. After pancakes, it was time for some bubbles.
What do you think an almost two-year-old asked for after bubbles? Why some kackoons (cartoons) of course. Mama may have sneaked a little snooze in during Barney (shhh, don't tell Grace).
What better way to watch cartoons than with a silly face?
After my nap... I mean our cartoon watching, Grace wanted to play blocks. Blocks also means mama needs to be on the floor building towers and structures to take apart, so this VERY pregnant woman got down on the floor and played with Grace. It was her day after all, and the hard part really isn't the getting down; it's the getting back up that poses the real challenge.

After blocks, it was time to get ready for our lunch date. Where to, you might ask. McDonald's, of course, for some bok-boks, or as the rest of the world calls them, chicken nuggets. She even got them in a happy meal this time because, one, mommy is a sucker, and two, McDonald's knows their stuff and puts displays of all the current happy meal toys right at the entrance. Funny how I never thought much about this until I had my own kid.
And you can't leave McDonald's without playing in the play-place.

It was definitely time for a nap after lunch, so we both hit the hay once we returned home. Yes, this pregnant mama took two naps in one day. It was glorious. Before I could get her down though, she spied the leftover bok-boks she was too excited to eat because of the slide. After asking for and receiving a chicken nugget and stuffing the whole thing in her mouth, meltdown number one began.  It went something like this, "Bok-bok... bok-bok...BOK-BOK." This was accompanied by some huge crocodile tears. May I remind you, she had a mouth FULL of chicken nugget. I decided to forgo the rest of the nuggets in favor of the nap and told her they would be waiting for her when she woke up. Sure enough, about an hour later I woke up to cries of,  "Bok-bok." I took her in the living room and told her she would have to stop crying before she could eat her nuggets. Meltdown number two. Thankfully it didn't last long, and she fell asleep on my shoulder for another half an hour. I didn't mind the cuddle time. When she woke up, she instantly shot out of my arms and said, you guessed it, "Bok-bok" - this time without the tears. So we had a little picnic on the floor, and she finished her nuggets.

After the nugget incident and before Daddy made it home, we decided to go on a little walk.
Here Grace is telling me she wants to walk all by herself.
Mommy caved and let her push the stroller.
Thursday also happened to be Joe's and my fourth anniversary, so my sister came over to watch Grace. I heard they had french toast for dinner, while watching a new Veggie Tales movie. Grace was one happy, tired little girl, and I sure enjoyed myself too.

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