Saturday, August 27, 2011

Time for a Little Owey

So I've noticed lately my posts have been very heavy on the Grace pictures. Not a bad thing since she's so adorable and says really cute things. Just the other day Joe taught her to say Allons y (Let's go in French) which she repeated multiple times in her toddler voice. Speaking of Joe teaching her things, we've been working on potty training, and instead of hold it, he taught her to "clench it," so she tells us "I go potty, clench it."
But there I go again going on about Grace (I really can't help myself, she's at such a fun age for pictures and saying funny things.).
So Owen... Owen had his first bites of cereal this week. He's very involved in his eating and more cereal ended up on his body then in his mouth, but it was a first try, we'll keep working on it.

Keeping in line with firsts, Owen took his first swim earlier this month also. He seemed to like it. I think I may have two little water dogs on my hands.

He also fell asleep in our hiking backpack. I stuck him in there so I could get some stuff done around the house and have my hands free. Works great until my back starts hurting.

He is also a great laundry folder, or rather a cute distraction when I finally break down and fold the literal mountain of laundry I have sitting next to our dryer.

Lastly, I got a great picture of my grandpa and Owen. Love them both and love this picture.

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