Thursday, March 29, 2012

Owen is One

My baby turned one on Tuesday. Which I guess means he is officially no longer a baby.
Owen and my grandpa, Papa Dick, share birthdays so we had a joint party.  I decided on a dinosaur theme and made the cakes accordingly. Owen's cake is a baby dinosaur hatching from an egg (my brother thought it looked like a lady bug :{  ).

And here are a few of the decorations:

Not much really; just a few dinosaurs and a clothes line with pictures of Owen from the past year. Owen didn't mind the lack of decorations one bit, and after making and decorating the cakes, I was glad I didn't have to decorate. On a completely unrelated note, if you look in right hand corner of the above picture, that is me as a baby.

And now for the best part... Presents and cake.

The birthday boys

Grace helping Owen open his presents. Owen just wanted to play with his dinosaur.

Playing with his new tool set with Papa.

Happy Birthday Owen.

And for those of you who care to sit through several minutes of my son eating cake, here ya go:

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abertolini said...

Seriously?! How is it even possible that he's already one!? So cute!