Sunday, March 11, 2012

What a Stud


Our addition is coming along nicely... although I am sorely missing my washer and dryer. We have some great friends and family who have let us use theirs, but with two small kids and some sickness, I feel like everything in the house that could be washed, needs to be washed. I am thinking about celebrating with some champagne when we install our new stack-able washer and dryer. :)

Owen, on the other hand, is loving the construction and really could care less about dirt. He loves going out to visit Papa and cries every time I bring him back into the house.

Progress in the addition:

Taken from the kitchen door (before we finished cleaning up). Also notice only the dryer is on this wall. The washer is on the other side of the garage.

Joe's office and shot of the garage door

Same look through the kitchen door once everything had been stripped.

The garage door is gone.

Again looking through the kitchen doorway. This is where the washer and dryer will go. Can you tell I'm excited about our washer and dryer?

Our future bedroom

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