Friday, September 28, 2012

Family Reunion: The Everests

At the end of August, I traveled to Southern Cali for my cousin Brian's wedding. He and his new wife, Sarah, were married under a thousand year old oak tree in the foothills of the San Bernadino Mountains. It was this amazing spot that seemed lost in time. A once thriving resort, often visited by Albert Einstein in it's hay day, now seems a bit tired and lonely. However, everywhere you looked you could see such rich history and I could easily imagine how grand things used to be. The old dining hall was still decorated as if transported right out of the early 1900's. I was in love. I wish I had taken more pictures of the place, but we were only there for one night. But I diverge...

The wedding was beautiful. Sarah has great taste and I think, had I gotten married this summer, I would have wanted my wedding to look just like theirs. But, I will let you see for yourself.

The Happy Couple

My favorite part though, was spending time with my family. I got some great pictures, but I do want to put in a disclaimer (since it is my blog) that rain and my hair do not mix. If you remember the episode from Friends where Monica braids her hair in a hundred braids because it gets so frizzy and everyone is scared of it... yeah that's kind of how I felt since it randomly decided to rain in the desert. Although, my husband says I do have a tendency to exaggerate, but I have no idea what he is talking about.

The men of the family

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